Born from a natural catastrophe.

The consistency of large seismic sequences in recent years has proved that infrastructure and people in earthquake-prone areas are constantly at risk. Earthquakes do, and will, strike without warning.

ONGUARD’s Founder and Managing Director, Will Lomax, stood alongside a winery owner client in the aftermath of a 2013 Marlborough, New Zealand earthquake, and witnessed thousands of liters of valuable, hard-earned wine disappear down the drain as a result of damage inflicted to the tanks. He vowed to create an engineering solution that would protect liquid processing and storage operations from this kind of damage in the future. The result, ONGUARD, is the first genuine seismic tank system specifically designed to protect liquid storage tanks and their contents from earthquake damage and loss, which may only be a small part of the real loss you will incur if you can’t supply your valuable markets.

Developed in New Zealand by structural engineers with first-hand experience of the destructive power of earthquakes, ONGUARD’S patented tension and compression system dissipates seismic energy in a controlled manner, keeping the tank and its contents protected.

The integrated system is built to provide high levels of seismic risk mitigation with the ability to continuously withstand multiple aftershocks. It can either be specified from the ground up with new tank installations, or retro-fitted to existing tanks to improve their earthquake performance and introduce much-needed resilience.

ONGUARD provides an unrivalled level of performance, protection and peace of mind.

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